Set Sail


A painting from my journal, Sydney 2016


(Reading time 50 seconds)

I lost a dear friend

when I lost you,

and not a lover.

But I lost you


Like two boats that set sail

in the vast unknown ocean.

Destiny was different

so was our notions.


I could see the boat for a time.

Each day the distant vessel would glide further.

Each day reduced to a smaller speck of an ink dot.

Then one day, it was gone.


I searched for you, my friend.

Hoping that one day I’ll find you.

But the tides sent us apart,

and I no longer know where you trend.


A violent storm dances

between us as I speak.

The fierce gusts drove us away

to foreign lands with mysterious mountain peaks.


The course was determined

the day we set sail.

The ocean, vast and violent, between us.

I’ve long lost the trail.

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