“Sherpa: trouble on Everest” is more than just a documentary about Mt Everest. It cumulates the very struggle of the sherpas, the complacency of some explorers, and the intense tension that has surrounded the mountain ever since the most deadly accident on the mountain in 2014. The sherpas are an ethnic group of people, highly skilled in the ways of the mountains. The efforts and hard toil of the sherpas, with their invaluable lives on the line, enable many to claim the top of the world every year. The great mountain has claimed the lives of so many Sherpas over the years. The sweat, blood and tears of the sherpa people are overlooked and neglected. Despite their struggle for a better life, they are strong, humble and beautiful people. The world must appreciate them and must show respect for who they are as people.

Watch the film, be mesmerised and captivated by the story of Sherpas and their emotional and human struggle to maintain order on Everest.

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