Liverpool, NSW. Shot on iPhone X

I sit on the edge of the world

Between the heavens and the earth.

I look up and see the immortal world,

And beneath me lies the ephemeral.

I think of you.

I can hear the silence that has surrounded me for a lifetime.

I can almost hear my own infinite thoughts,

But among all the noise I come back to you.

Who are you ?

Where are you?

Are you, you ?

Is it really you?

May be you think of me too

While you lie in your bed with your eyes closed.

Our paths may never kiss again as lost souls.

We have met and parted ways at life’s crossroad.

In the afterlife I’ll see you

And our fate may come true.

For eons you’ll be mine,

And I’ll be yours in the realm of the divine.

Bro ken

Bro ken

I’m broken .

Not like the vase that has been put together,

Not like dry Earth that has cracked,

Not even like a shattered heart.

I’m a broken human vessel,

And the crevasses of my soul remain invisible

There are no tangible fractures

That can tell you of my painful years.

I’m broken like a human being

With no likeness of my existence

I’m not an empty husk nor am I like the desolated desert.

I’m broken,

A mere mortal

My shattered voice remains unspoken.

I’m drowning as I breathe,

I wallow inside the belly of the ocean,

I cannot see my hand when I reach out.

I don’t know if I’m headed for the surface or the ocean‘s death bed.

I’m broken and no one can see.